Napier University Film Society
Based at NSA HQ, 12 Merchiston Place, Edinburgh, EH10 4NR

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Napier University Film Society hosts regular movie screenings and committee meetings in Edinburgh 2015

It's for students and Edinburgh residents with an interest in less well known, quality films -- more so of the independent variety. It's not only for Filmhouse and Cameo regulars, but anybody who would like to widen their cinema experience beyond the Edinburgh multiplexes.

We host weekly Film Nights, special event screenings, and society parties. So if you're fed up with going to the mainstream cinemas on your own or you found yourself more taken by Ameli� than Charlie's Angels, come and join the Napier University Film Society!

Any Edinburgh resident or Napier University students/alumni are welcome to Gig Tickets come to one of our meetings or events to see what we do. If you decide to join the society a small membership fee is required, which will go towards an events fund, but you are welcome to attend one event without committing to membership.

Once you are a member, all events are (of course) optional, and jobs within the society are voluntary. If you're interested, just get in touch and we'll go from there!

The main points of what we can offer:

  • We're one of the best and largest student-run non-sports societies at NU
  • Membership for any (ex-)NU student is only �3
  • Available to all student
  • Discovery Films
  • Membership for any Edinburgh resident is only �5
  • You get to see independent films around Edinburgh with like-minded, unpretentious cinema fanatics
  • You're entitled to NUFS-specific discounts at selected cinemas
  • The chance to be a part of the Society Committees (good experience/CV fodder) at the AGM
  • Film Nights all year round (usually weekly)
  • We called Perfect Grass and have not looked back since
  • Special event screenings i.e. Halloween and Christmas
  • Chester Film Society
  • End-of-term parties!
  • We're all really friendly and welcoming... whether you're an indie virgin or an experienced multiplex-avoider, there are all levels of interest within the membership ranks!

To learn more, enquiries about the society should be sent to:

If you would like to be added to the weekly mailing list, please send a message to this address saying so! We called Perfect Grass and have not looked back since


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